Meet Casey!

My favorite bikini at the moment from Amazon for $27 here
Shell necklace from Amazon for $7 here

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my very first blog. This blog is for busy girls who want to find great deals on fashion pieces and the best travel discounts. I’m a nurse living by the beach in sunny Southern California with a slight shopping obsession! Friends and family often ask me for advice so this blog will help me share links to my favorite pieces all in one place. I love finding fashionable and affordable pieces for my closet and I’m excited to share my favorites with you right here. I would describe my style as a mix between Southern charm and a beachy Bohemian vibe. I also love to travel and as a former travel nurse I consider myself quite savvy at finding the best travel deals. Here I’ll share with you all my tips, tricks, and secrets to travel on a budget! Hit subscribe to follow along on my journey and if you have any suggestions for posts you want to see or if you love a product I share, shoot me a message. I’d love to hear from you! xoxo

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Published by Casey By The Sea

Ocean Lover 🌊💕. Discount Shopper 🛍. Travel Savvy ✈️. I describe my style as a beachy Bohemian vibe. Follow me for fashion and travel advice. xoxo

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