My First Blog Post: February Gift Guide

The sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in it’s net of wonder forever.

— Jacques Cousteau

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my very first blog! I have had so many friends, family, and coworkers asking for links to my favorite products that I’ve shared on social media that it’s easier to make a blog and share them with you here in one place.

Here are my favorite February gifts, for yourself or someone special! It’s one of my favorite months because I love all things pink and heart shaped. Love is even my boyfriends last name. Seriously! Check out these favorite products below and click the links to purchase. Happy shopping!

The first products I want to share are these beautiful designer dupe xo bracelets for less than $20. They are a great quality for the price and very comfortable. I have very small wrists so I love that these don’t slide off and they are very lightweight. I often forget that I’m wearing them and they don’t pinch my arm like some metal bracelets. They also don’t turn my wrist green. I give them a 10 out of 10 and I’m very happy with this purchase.

These adorable XO designer dupe bracelets are less than $20. Seriously! Click the links to purchase.
X Bracelet
O Bracelet

Next up is the Valentines Day present I bought for myself this year. I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful Annalie sea glass ring by Betty Belts. It kind of looks like a heart doesn’t it?! Check out her website for one of a kind sea glass jewelry. She accepts sea glass for store credit on any of her products and if you find a special piece of sea glass you’d like to turn into jewelry Betty will even create a unique piece just for you! Please note that every piece of sea glass is different and will vary in color, size, shape, etc.

Betty Belts sea glass ring. Shop her sea glass jewelry here.

The next gift idea is something I’m obsessed with. Candles! I seriously can’t get enough of them. This is my new favorite candle by Tiki Girl. I’m obsessed with the Pink Moon scent that I would describe as a mix of sunscreen oil and tropical fruits but not in an overly sweet, overpowering way. They also have a signature scent called “I love You California” that’s a mix between suntan oil, coconut, citrus (I’m picking up some grapefruit notes) and sea salt.

Pink Moon candle $24 here
I Love You California candle $24 here

This is my absolute favorite red dress! I got into a habit of buying a red dress every year, not for Valentines Day but because I always seem to end up traveling to Vegas for the Chinese New Year. Red is a lucky color on the holiday and who doesn’t want to get lucky in Vegas?! No pun intended. I meant playing Black Jack! Any who, this is my favorite red dress that I wore a few weeks ago in Vegas for my boyfriends birthday. I don’t think they sell it anymore but here are some similar red hot dresses that you will love for under $100. These would be perfect for a Valentines Day or Galentine’s Day date with some girlfriends out on the town. The bag and phone case here are designer dupes but also some of my favorite pieces. Shop the links below.

Red Dress By Guess
Red Dress From Amazon
Purse From Amazon
Phone case From Amazon

If you celebrate in a colder climate and more casual setting check out my favorite red beanie and blanket scarf. This picture was taken in January at the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier with my Valentine.

Beanie from Amazon here for $16
Blanket scarf here for $15 with 15 different patterns and colors

It’s my personal opinion that gifting an experience makes the best gift. Giving flowers is a thoughtful and beautiful gesture, but creating memories with someone is usually more impactful and lasting. Explore a new city. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to. It doesn’t have to be expensive! Check out Groupon to find a unique gift idea that your partner has never done before. Go to a painting class, on a haunted tour of your city, or even an axe throwing class! You might be surprised what fun and creative things you can find to do. This photo is from a Groupon trip we just took to Hawaii. Thanks to Groupon we got the best deal on our hotel room and even found a sunset catamaran ride for $30 per person.

Groupon here
“Vacay Mode” T-shirt from Amazon here for $17
Sunset cruise with Mai Tais on the Mai Tai Catamaran from Groupon
Swimsuit $23 from Amazon here

Follow my page for more gift ideas, fashion, and travel tips to come. If you liked this post or have ideas for a future post, shoot me a message. I always love to hear from you! Have a great week!! xoxo


Meet Casey!

My favorite bikini at the moment from Amazon for $27 here
Shell necklace from Amazon for $7 here

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